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The following papers and presentations are samples of some of the papers and presentations that we have generated over the last several years. As we cull through our archives and discover new ones to share, we will post them here. These papers and presentation are for your personal, non-commercial use only. They are stored as PDF files and require Adobe Acrobat to read them.

Name Size(Kb) Brief Description
World Class Customer Care 388 Presentation that describes what it takes to create a world class Customer Care Center and support system economically
Call Center Operations Guide 28 Detailed outline for an Operations Guide
An Overview of a Channel Assessment Study 44 White paper that describes what a sales, market, and support channel assessment is and what it takes to perform one
Sales Coverage Analysis 168 Presentation that describes how you can maximize your sales and market coverage, while minimizing your sales and marketing expenses and risks
Strategic Visioning Workshop Overview 136 Presentation on how to set and/or refine your strategic vision, mission and objectives through a special workshop
TeleChannel Design Considerations 296 Presentation that describes what are the key and critical components of an integrated telephone channel for new and existing customer sales and support
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